Photo Gallery: Eagles in our Backyard

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The bald eagles in our backyard draw bird-watchers and photographers from all over the area. Sometimes we're lucky enough to meet some of the eagle fans and share stories and photos with them.

Dwight Alton is one of those people; he's a local photographer who's been kind enough to share some of his eagle photos with us. Check out his amazing shots, below:


Incubating eggs - March 7, 2013

incubating eggs


Eggs have hatched and a parent returns with a fish - March 30, 2013

bald eagle eggs have hatched


Proud parents - March 30,2013

proud parents


Growing up - April 29, 2013

growing up


Almost as big as mom - May 29, 2013

almost as big as mom


Branching at last! - June 19, 2013

branching at last


Juvenile bald eagle 

juvenile bald eagle south beloit illinois


Juvenile bald eagle 2 

juvenile bald eagle 2 south beloit illinois