Awaken the Power™

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Purple corn is an exciting new superfood that contains more antioxidant power than blueberries. It originated in the mountains of Peru over 3,000 years ago and was once believed to have mystical healing powers. Today we know that the true power behind purple corn is anthocyanins; colorful plant pigments that occur naturally. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants, shown in numerous studies to deliver a wide range of benefits.

A serving of Mystic Harvest Purple Corn Tortilla Chips has an ORAC score of 6,000. In contrast, a serving of blueberries has an ORAC score of 4,669, a difference of more than 25%. ORAC scores measure the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity of foods. The higher ORAC score, the higher the antioxidants.

The purple corn in Mystic Harvest Tortilla Chips is Suntava Purple Corn™. Suntava Purple Corn™ is a proprietary, non-GMO hybrid and has been cultivated from ancient species.

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